When you talk to people about audio and video gear and tools, they are usually keen to talk about things that are “on the surface.” For instance, they will talk about the way the sound is coming out of the devices, how it sounds to their ears and what the visuals are like from their video equipment. But not many people have a full understanding of how these systems work. And if you are going to go into AV for your job, or you are an enthusiast, you really should know about things such as op-amps and how they work.

One of the things you will want to do is check out Microchip. Not only are they one of the leading producers of these op-amps, but they are also able to provide you with much more information as you look to learn about op-amps and how they work. So what is an op-amp and how does it work? This is a really good question! An op-amp is a device that you will see when you are trying to amplify the voltage that is going from one device to another. For instance, if you are using audio and video equipment, especially audio equipment, you may want to boost the voltage that you are getting out of a device, and an op-amp would help a lot.

There are many types of op-amps that you are going to encounter if you work in AV, but the one that you would see the most is the voltage amplifier. With such a device, you are going to get something that is taking a certain level of voltage, amplifying it and then passing it through the device where it needs to go. When people talk about high end headphones and speakers, you may often hear about them needing to use amps to get a real volume boost!